The Impressive Act of Creating Patterns With Floor Tiles

By now, those of us interested in alternative flooring know all about vinyl and cork tile, and we have all become acquainted with the positive properties associated with them regarding the environment. Yet, some may not have noted that these are not only available at reasonable prices, but are considered simple to install on ones own. Then to top all this goodness off, they can be laid in interesting patterns that make them even more divine.

To put the tiles into place, one will require just a few basic tools. The person doing the work will probably find the most difficult step is the cutting portion, and even that should be minimal. But doing this part oneself can seriously cut down on the expense spent on the entire project.

As for creating interesting patterns, think stripes, houndstooth, diagonals, diamonds and my personal favourite ombre. You can get the tiles in pre-formed packs that contain different shades of the same color, so that part is already done for you. No deliberation over which tones to involve, just the fun of building the designs. In the end you will have a lot to be proud of, and be reminded of your savvy every time you walk into the room. Now who wouldn’t love that bonus?