Some of the biggest names in design continue to put their stamp on flooring. One of the most interesting creations I have seen recently is that of fashion / art designer Olle Hemmendorff, the formation was one of a kind. From what I’ve gathered, this Swedish artist reached a point with the bland light wooden […]

London is one of the best places to settle in the UK. Buying a new house in London is not difficult, since new homes London agents are plenty on the internet. The best London new homes give you access to all major public utilities such as water, electricity and a transport facility. However, you need […]

To us, nothing says contemporary in the world of carpeting like patterns. In case you haven’t noticed we are all about the pattern (see January post). Most importantly, we are huge supporters of the do it yourself floor pattern. So, as a follow up to our last article we have decided to share with you […]

By now, those of us interested in alternative flooring know all about vinyl and cork tile, and we have all become acquainted with the positive properties associated with them regarding the environment. Yet, some may not have noted that these are not only available at reasonable prices, but are considered simple to install on ones […]

While you might want carpeted floor, you can’t have them because of the allergies you or a member of your family struggle with. If you are looking for an alternative, cork flooring might be of interest to you. It has many virtues, being durable, easy to maintain, naturally sustainable, comfortable, and attractive. Oh, and of […]

In today’s world we’re given an awful lot of choices and sometimes it can seem overwhelming to pick from the huge amount of options that are on offer. We spend around half of our lives sleeping, so when it comes to picking a new mattress we want to make sure that we are picking the […]

It has been reported that underfloor heating is becoming a strong contender in the list of things landlords are adding to rental properties to entice tenants. Because of the building boom, there are now tons of rentals on the market, so landlords are turning to luxuries. But, of course not just any luxurious additions will […]

Choosing the flooring for a kitchen is quite different from choosing the flooring for a bedroom, living room, or dinning room. Obviously, you have to consider the involvement of water, and cooking, but there is even more to consider, and you should definitely be aware of that prior to making any decisions. Then amongst the […]

Selecting carpet may sound like it could be too technical for you to be able to handle, but really it can prove to be a cinch. Well, as long as you are not ashamed to pick up carpet and investigate it up close. Some might feel that they will look ridiculous doing so, but it […]

If you think about it, the two things bunk beds are associated with most could not possibly more diametrically opposed. The things that come to mind are jails cells and kids rooms. Although bunk beds are sometimes associated with rather unsavoury situations (prison cells, army dormitories and youth hostels), they really are an exceptional choice […]